Friday, February 25, 2011

New Child-Safe Window Shade Lift System to be unveiled at Pgh Home and Garden Show

We are really excited to be the first window treatment professionals to display the revolutionary CK® lift system for fabric window shades.  

The CK® lift system manipulates the shade without any visible cords thus offering safety along with window fashion versatility. The CK® lift system is easy to use and its narrow  projection – just ¾” from the glass - means it can fit in even the most modern window frame applications.

There are no exposed cords to mar the simplicity of the back of the shade.  And the CK® lift system offers unlimited design options for fabric shades of any design – top down, bottom up, even side to side for vertical shade applications.

The CK® lift system was developed by Mary Ann Plumlee, a drapery workroom owner in Waco, Texas.  Drawing on her 30 years’ experience as a design professional and even more years as a parent, Plumlee designed a system that would be safe and attractive. 

Check back next week for images of this system in action - or better yet - visit us at the Home & Garden Show and see it in person!

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