Monday, January 3, 2011

"Redd Up" with the Pros

Here in western Pennsylvania we have some quaint phrases thanks to the Pennsylvania Dutch.  We learn as little kids to redd up our rooms before going out to play, and know to tie up papers with gumbands.  (For the non-Pittsburgher reading this, gumbands are rubber bands and redd up means to make neat or clean up.)

This coming weekend, Jan 7-9, the David L. Lawrence Convention Center will be overflowing with vendors who will offer numerous ways to redd up and remodel your home at the Pittsburgh Remodeling Show.  We'll be there with new designs for vintage windows in the 'burgh - as well as treatments that will make newer homes shine.  And regardless of the age of your home, stop by the Speaker's Stage on Saturday at 3 to learn 21st century tricks to keep your windows - and rooms - warm in winter, cool in summer, and beautiful year round!

Print out the attached coupon for free admission to the Remodeling Show and be sure to stop by our booth (604) to pick up Sherwin Williams color trends for 2011.  You 'll have a good time ahn'aht!