Thursday, November 11, 2010

"Windows of Opportunity" in Victorian Homes magazine

I recently wrote an article for Victorian Homes magazine about window treatments appropriate for Victorian homes.  The drapery principles of layering are equally appropriate for Victorian homes and more modern homes alike.  Some of the specific window coverings, tho, are especially lovely in vintage homes or rooms designed in a traditional/formal manner.

I'm talking about the silk appliquéd sheer and silk-on-silk velvet panels mentioned on page 77.  These panels are available finished to 120" long and are about 54" wide with silk velvet scalloped edges and hem.  We have a stained glass panel in the window on the 2nd floor landing at our house.  We will be installing the velvet panel to swag over the top and side of the stained glass.  I say "will be" since we are still finishing the 3rd floor and need to paint the staircase walls before adding the panels.

We also purchased two sheer panels for the front parlor of our 1852 Italianate.  These were lined with a cream colored sheer fabric for greater privacy and a little more sun protection.  The silk sheers will go under a truly vintage window treatment, copied from French drapery designs of the 1880's.  These treatments are still on my "to-do" list behind all my clients' work.  Hopefully, I'll get to work on them during the Christmas break.  I'll add photos of the finished treatments as they happen.

In the mean time, enjoy these images of the silk and velvet panels from the showroom.  And let me know where else you would envision these luxe panels, perhaps in your own home?

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