Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Custom Mini-Motors Provide Mega Satisfaction

We recently met with a client who had 1/2" mini blinds in  her skylights.  The motors and battery wands had died over the years and she needed us to replace the motors. A bit of detective work showed that the only company making motors for mini blinds had gone out of business, and our favorite window covering motorization company - Somfy - created motors for 2" and larger blinds.

The client was happy with her micro-minis. They just needed to be motorized again!

Juan, my husband and the Rodriguez half of the business, pondered the question for a while and came up with a truly custom solution.  He retrofit the 18 skylight blinds with radio controlled robotics technology and they are again providing the client with appropriate shading for her room.

This is another example of the Three C's in application.  They are Curiosity, Creativity, and Customization.  When Ecclesiastes says there is nothing new under the sun, he may well be right.  But there are all sorts of combinations and recombinations of what's already here  - and that's part of the joy of custom work!

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