Sunday, July 12, 2009

Glamor - The New Natural?

I recently had new photos taken for my website and other promotional uses.  I wanted to look natural, approachable, professional.  But it wasn't until I was waiting for the makeup artist to do my face that I realized just how "natural" I looked!  My dark eyebrows suddenly looked sparse and my eyelashes were not "lush" and "voluminous" like they talk about on the ads! I had to get glammed up in order to look like my regular self.
The same thing might be true of your window treatments.  Take an objective look at your rooms.  Do your windows look tired?  Window treatments are often compared to jewelry on a black dress, but I think they function more like a new haircut that calls attention to the face.  Window treatments can frame the windows and the view beyond.   Just like a good haircut, they can call attention to the room's best features and camouflage the bumps and blemishes.  New window treatments also have practical purposes.  They can insulate the windows and provide light control - and still look charmingly chic.  Check out our portfolio or our links for some sample treatments.  Then go doll up your rooms with beautiful, hard-working window treatments.

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